Happy Birthday LilyPichu!

HaPpY bIrtHdaY LiLyPicHu aaah so many people are glad that you were born today. I am so happy that you exist. You have done so much for your fans and we're all very grateful. We genuinely love and appreciate you and we're glad that you're here for us. I'm so glad that I found out … Continue reading Happy Birthday LilyPichu!


Happy Belated Birthday to Jamina :D

Dear Jamina, omg this is so delayed, but happy mutha fukin birthday! I'm glad that you came to life on this day (Nov. 15). Without you, who knows where everyone else would be. You have made such a big impact on my life and so many others. I'm glad that you came into my life, despite … Continue reading Happy Belated Birthday to Jamina 😀