The Thing About Birthdays

August 11, 2017

I kind of never tell people my birthday when it’s my birthday. I mean, I do tell people my birthday, but I’m not that kind of person who counts down for everyone to know.

I don’t tell people my birthday to see who actually remembers my birthday but then, I don’t get the attention I want on my day of birth. It’s kind of my fault, but also not, I guess.

I think that people who count down are conceited and only want gifts on their birthday. I understand that you want presents but like I just think it’s kind of selfish.

I feel like if you tell everyone, people just say happy birthday just cause it’s a nice thing to do.
I want happy birthdays from people who really know my birthday.

However, I do want happy birthdays and attention on my birthday.


Anyway, just wanted to get this out there and know what other people think of this even though people don’t reply to my blog posts lol.

Also, my birthday is coming up in a couple months and my mom said I have no friends to celebrate it with TT. What should I do tho? I think I’m gonna get some dim sum or Kbbq. And on my actual birthday, I’m gonna have a discord party hehe.

Thanks for reading! lOL


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