Being Asian

It took me a long time to appreciate who I really am: The Asian me. I am Thai, Cambodian, and Chinese and I am proud of who I am. When I was younger, I used to be really embarrassed because I was Asian. I thought it was weird when my family spoke Thai in public sometimes and I was even ashamed and scared to tell people what my middle name is (Ahrannya).

It took me a long time to really appreciate my roots. However people today just all of a sudden want to be Asian. You can appreciate a culture, but I personally don’t feel like you can’t be part of a culture you weren’t born into. People want to be Asian because they think our culture is cool, but most people only focus on east Asian culture. Everyone forgets about south Asians, south east Asians, etc.

People also like to wear fashion with Asian writing on it. I get it but like, people only like our culture and not the people in it. and when they do it’s either because they genuinely like them or they have a weird fetish for us.

People either say that Asians are ugly or they say we’re exotic.

The only time someone finds an Asian attractive is when they fit into the Asian beauty standard, or they’re a K-Pop star or whatever. Don’t get me wrong they are hot as fuck but this often times leads to fetishization. And it’s only toward usually one type of Asian.

I hate Asian fetishization. Although I really do love Asian people, it’s because they are the people of my culture. I don’t intend to fetishize Asians. Asian people have never done me wrong. (Well, not never but you get the point, right?) Again, I grew up thinking that I didn’t fit in because I was Asian and I kind of tried to change myself because of it. Then all of a sudden, people have the urge to date an Asian. Like, what the fuck is that shit? It’s not even like all Asians either, it’s basically the East Asians. And people think Asians are exotic? What the fuck does that mean? There’s a shit ton of Asians in this world homie.

Someone once ranted to me and he legit all of a sudden said “I REALLY love Asian girls.” That actually made me so uncomfortable. It’s because people like this don’t actually love us for our personalities, they love us just because we’re Asian.

But anyway, I’m tired of people wanting to become something they just can’t be. People want to be Asian but when they try, they’re appropriating our culture. I grew up with stereotypes being thrown at me and people tell me, “You’re so Asian,” or “You’re not a real Asian.” And people who want to be Asian, don’t go through the same shit we go through.

don’t appropriate culture, appreciate culture


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