Everything I’ve Wanted to Tell You: Svenskeren

To Svenskeren

July 23, 2017

I can’t focus on my homework because of my stomach, so to try to take my mind off of it, I am writing to you 😀 I hope that this letter isn’t bad because I can’t focus well enough but I hope that you appreciate my effort.

As the split is coming to end, it may be getting easier or harder for you, but I know you can pull through and do it. You’ve made it this far and you can do it! I hope you will win summer split and do your best during worlds. I will miss you a lot during worlds and the break after, but I hope it won’t be too long until the next time we meet.

When you first joined TSM, I knew that you would bring your best to TSM. Over the years, you have improved so much and you are only getting better every day. Every time I’ve gone to LCS, I’m excited to see you and the others play. You’ve also gotten significantly better and I can tell that you are trying your best on stage. I’m excited to see where you’ll be at in the future and I hope that I can keep supporting you.

where do I start

Even though I don’t plan on playing jungle for a looooooong time, I enjoy watching your stream and learning new things. I don’t watch you that much anymore, but your stream is a fun place to just chill and watch. You would always stream when I was bored and you were a great source of entertainment for me.

Not only do I look up to you as a player, but as a person. You work hard and you try not to let anything get in your way. You also seem like a nice person who only wants the best to happen to people. I aspire to have some of the same qualities as you 😀

I really enjoy going to see you all play at LCS. I am so fortunate to be able to see all of you. Even though you guys lose most of the time when I go .-. you guys never really disappoint me. I am sad that you lost the game, but I know that you are better than that. The next day you always happen to do better than yesterday. I know some people will try to degrade you because of the loss, but we both know that you can do better. You genuinely try your best to improve to do better than the last. You try to put in a lot of work to prove that you are the best.

So even though I’ve literally seen you all play at every LCS I’ve been to, I still feel shy toward all of you. I really shouldn’t be, but I am. I think I get scared because you’re literally one of the best players in NA. It’s like, you’re a cute girl and I’m an 8-year-old boy trying to approach you and talk to a girl for the first time. I hope that next time I won’t be too scared to ask for a separate picture or feel nervous. I hope that over the years, I get less and less timid and I grow closer with all of you. I feel like I grew up with all of you right by my side.

I’m also sorry if I was a nuisance to you when I talk to you on Twitter D:

I know that you work hard but you deserve a break every once in a while. I know you’ve heard me say this so many times and most of the time I don’t even take my own advice, but please take care of yourself. You deserve to feel your best all the time. So please eat well, sleep well, don’t overthink, do things that make you happy, and take breaks when you need them. You go through a lot and self-care is important. You deserve to be happy and feel loved and appreciated. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I’m glad you exist, even if you exist far away from me. I genuinely love and appreciate you.

Nicole Ahrannya Van-Roath

This is kind of short, but if I left anything out I will try to tell you next time 😀


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