Happy Birthday to the Greatest Sister in the Land, Taylor Van-Roath

– To Taylor Van-Roath, one of the greatest human beings that has ever existed

July 9, 2017 – July 10, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You have made it through 19 years of your life without and I’m glad that I get to celebrate it with you. We are celebrating 19 years of your life and we hope for more great years to come. You have worked so hard your whole life and you really deserve a lot for everything that you do. I’m sorry that I can’t get you anything special at the moment, but I hope to make it all up to you in the future.

I don’t tell you enough that I love and appreciate you. I don’t know if it’s because it’s like an Asian and we don’t tell each other that we love each other because we know it but I feel like we really don’t know that, you feel? I bully you a lot, but not because of the dumb “I do it because I love you.” I think it’s because we are taught to think that all of our family members love each other just because we are related. But that doesn’t mean that family can’t be toxic to one another. I am waaayyy too toxic toward to you than you are toward me. And I’m probably the reason why you needed to go to therapy .-. Okay, I’m getting too Aristotle on your ass, TLDR I genuine love and appreciate you.

You do so much for me and I wish to give back in return in the future.
You have taken me to school early in the morning just so that I can get an education and have a good life in the future.
You have bought me tons of food just so I don’t starve and become unhealthy.
You have been through many more experiences than I have and you turn some of them into life lessons just so that you can help me at a young age.
You have informed me about many social issues that I should be aware of.
You have entertained me when I was bored.
You have gone to many places with me even though you didn’t want to go with me.
You support me.
You try to protect me from assholes that enter in my life.
You’ve helped me with school work when I needed it.
You are almost like a second mom to me, except you’re my sister and you didn’t give birth to me.
etc etc

I am glad to have you as my sister because of all of the things you do for me. Many other sisters would not do the same for their little siblings. I am VERY lucky to have you in my life. You have greatly impacted my life and I appreciate you for that.

I am sorry that I am not the best sister that you could have in return, but I hope to become better.
Again, you deserve so much and you deserve only the best.

You are the most underappreciated family member and I hope to make you feel loved and appreciated with this and in the future.
I know that you are a good person and you only want the best things to happen to you and the people around you. You fight for the right things in life and you try to not let anything get in your way. You are not afraid to express your feelings and be a badass bitch. You are also so exquisite and intelligent and brave. I hope that your future lover will treat you right because you deserve to be treated like not a queen, but as a goddess that everyone looks up to and worships. I look up to you in many ways. You are the greatest and most impactful role model in my life.

I hope that you take good care of yourself. Your mental and physical health is so important to me and I wish for you to feel you best all the time. So please eat well and sleep well and don’t overthink and take breaks when you need it. You are a good person and you deserve to feel loved and appreciated. I hope that you find what you’re looking for. I hope you become successful. I hope that you are genuinely happy in life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
I want you to know that I love you so so so much and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. You are worth so much, so much that only those special enough can handle you and treat you the way you were meant to be treated.


Yaya // Nicole Ahrannya Van-Roath

I’m sorry that this is kind of short because I tried to type this all before 12 AM but I failed so if I left out anything I will try to tell you or add it onto here.


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