Everything I’ve Wanted to Tell You: Olleh

To Olleh

July 6, 2017

Hey Olleh! I don’t tell you enough that I love and appreciate you 😀 I love it when you stream and you entertain me so much. Thank you for entertaining me and making me smile when you stream! I’m glad that you stream literally all the time and you’re there for when it’s late and no one else is streaming and I just feel like chilling. Thank you for existing and entertaining and loving everyone who supports you.

I was actually watching Xmithie’s stream once and you were in his game and you were so funny I was genuinely happy. I clipped it right here 😀 It’s funny because at that moment I realized that you are so precious and you should be protected LOL.
I’m happy that you try your best to stream all the time. Even though I don’t watch you that much, I always stop by often and just chill. I like watching you play.

Also, every time I go to LCS I am so impressed by you guys and your games are always so fun to watch. Your games are so hype and I wish that I could go see you guys play live all the time. It’s like every time I go see you play, I am guaranteed a good time whether y’alls win or lose (You guys always win when I go tho :D)

What I like about you is that you are a good player and you are so humble. You also seem so happy and I aspire to be as humble and happy as you.
Also, one time I went to LCS, and they were interviewing Cody, and I saw you and you looked so proud 😀 You were a proud dad and we both felt so happy and overjoyed.
Also, thank you for taking care of my Cody! I feel like you have helped him so much and you have formed him into the player and person that he is today.

I hope that you are taking good care of yourself. Your mental and physical health is so important. Please eat well and sleep well and do things that make you happy. I wish for you to be happy and you deserve only the best. You are a good person and you deserve to feel loved and appreciated.


Nicole Ahrannya Van-Roath

I’m sorry that this is kind of short, but if I left anything out I will try to tell you personally or add it onto here

LCS 027imttt


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